Project Description

Last winter’s wet weather has played havoc with horses’ hooves and the unpredictable English summer swing between heavy rain and windy dry periods is likely to compound any existing problem.

Most horse owners will consider introducing a supplement to strengthen and protect their horse’s hooves. A bewildering variety of supplements can be purchased to mix with feeds and many commercial feeds are formulated to include hoofcare supplements. Some owners prefer to paint one of a number of specialist treatments, most of which contain fats in some form, directly to the hooves.

But which one should you choose?

A recent article in TheHorse.Com recommends that we “step back and assess the entire diet, because a hoof supplement may not be the best solution.”

Click on the following link to find out why this should be your first response, learn how to improve the overall protein profile in your horse’s diet and the often overlooked importance of following feed instructions.