Help for Horses is a local non-profit charity which has been set up to provide stabling, care and rehabilitation for sick, injured and abandoned horses in Nottinghamshire. The charity gained registration in 2015 following a large group of horses involved in a cruelty case. A group of local vets, yardowners, farriers and dentists came together to provide them with the care and housing they needed. It became apparent that there was a need for such a service in Nottinghamshire, so the volunteers decided to found the charity. Our aim is to work with horseowners to provide both support and education to improve the welfare of he horses in their care.

We have made a good start. We already have three local yard owners involved, through membership of the management committee and, most importantly, by providing care and rehabilitation for the sick and traumatised rescued horses. We also have three Farriers providing their services free. Members of our Management Committee are all horse owners who bring a wide range of valuable skills and experience, share common values and above all, have a passionate commitment to horse welfare.