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When horses don’t respond to correction

Punishment for bad behaviour isn't always the answer. Delivered inappropriately - the horse may be misbehaving due to fear or pain - or disproportionately, it can have a negative impact on the horse's behaviour and on the animal's relationship with it's owner and other handlers. Click on the following link to the to learn [...]

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The Control of Horses Act 2015

TIGHTER CONTROLS ON THE ILLEGAL GRAZING OF HORSES (FLY-GRAZING) AND ABANDONMENT In the past few years there has been a very significant increase in the number of horses abandoned by their owners. There are a number of reasons for this including: • The financial downturn, which has resulted in the loss of many jobs, and [...]

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5 Myths About Colic You May Still Believe

Colic has been recognized in horses for a long, lone time, but it’s only fairly recently that have veterinarians have been able to accurately diagnosis, and effectively treat, colic cases. For example, Chinese observers of a few centuries back recognized the signs of colic, and saw that affected horses couldn’t defecate, and even wrote about [...]

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